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A warm welcome to you! I hope you are here because there has been a new addition to your family. The cheer along with the excitement has not faded away, whereby the first thing on your mind is to embark on a journey and opt for a baby photographer in Mumbai. New born photography is a must for parents and it is a difficult task to locate one within your budgets and needs. It is a magical stage and the memories are the first for your baby. So, locate the right person to capture the images and beauties of your little one.

Ideally a new born should be photographed within two weeks after their birth. During this time, babies are not obvious of what is going around them and sleep most of the time. Once they have crossed this time frame it is not a guarantee that you can achieve suitable poses with the little ones. They will sleep less and the curled poses are difficult to achieve.

The sooner the baby photographer is booked the better it works for you. They also limit their books to achieve maximum amount of flexibility in their early or late arrivals. My advice is to get started for new born photography as soon as you are pregnant and this includes after the 20-week scan. Once the process of shortlisting baby photographers in Mumbai is over you would need to consider several factors before you finally make a choice.

  • Go through the portfolio of the baby photographer in details. Do you like their style? Do they have a wide variety of images on show? There are a lot of styles in terms of new born photography and the style has to suit you. Just remember that there is a photographer round the corner to suit your needs.
  • How long they have been into the stream of photographing new born? This is important as it brings out their experience level. You can ask them about their experience and reviews of customers who have availed their services in the past. Do not take the risk of opting for an amateur photographer as they do not possess the skill sets pertaining to a baby photographer. An experienced photographer will be aware about when to draw the line and they will not push the boundaries as far as baby photography is concerned.
  • Does the photographer have a studio of their own or will they come to your home to capture those magic moments? Both of them tend to have advantages of their own as in case of a home, you do not have to travel with the little ones. In case of a studio the entire centre of focus is the baby.
  • You can ask the photographer about the duration of the shoot. How long will it take and are thereany breaks in between them for nursing the child. Are they confident about what they are talking about as you need to be comfortable about the whole process? After all you are entrusting your little one in the hands of an unknown person.
  • Does the photographer go on to provide a package of their own and do they like to capture images when the baby grows? If so what are the packages on offer.

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