Why Does Pouch Packaging Demand Is Rising Globally?

The world is expanding and transforming to newer ways in various fronts and one such front is “packaging”. If you have visited recently to supermarkets you must have seen that the products have moved away from the traditional ways of packaging. Rigid containers for packing have been replaced by pouch packaging products.

                                              pouch packaging

There are enormous benefits of using pouch packaging such as cost efficient, convenient, environmently friendly and so on. But, one of the main features is that it helps to restore the product freshness for longer. Both consumers and producers are increasingly using products with pouch packing only.

A study revealed that there has been an increasing demand for pouches worldwide. It’s estimated that its demands will register a big increase from 6.2% to 37% annually by 2018. Here are few things you need to consider before going for pouch packaging for your brand.

Pouch Designing

The pouch designing is highly versatile and hugely benefits brand packagers’.  Pouches are highly flexible and designed for both consumers and producer needs. In fact, many brands customized their pouches according to their needs and their customer’s preferences.

Yes, they are hugely dominating among the brands, but have you wondered why it is so popular among the consumers too? Well, because it’s extremely convenient for consumers to carry such pouches. Hence, consumers from kids to senior citizens extremely preferred use of pouch packed products.

Moreover, pouches are extremely responsive they can be fitted with spouts, spoons, zippers and handles and so on. They are also subject to diverse shapes depending on the display and handling ease factor. They are mobile and offer great convenience for customers at home or while travelling. Different companies designed their pouches differently depending on their type of pouch material and its design to get to be used for in the best way for their niche.

Print Methods

If you are a business owner than your pouch print matters a lot this gets even more important if it’s a brand. A brand needs to be very clear with their presentation which along with its primary purpose should also contribute in marketing. Hence, you need to be extremely specific with the message to display on the top of the pouch. One of the prominent and high class printing methods is known as ten-color rotogravure. It offers high class design and color quality. It’s dominatingly used for pouches for retort applications. This technique helps to bear the load of the sterilization process.

Moreover, the method is considered as ideal for creating large volumes of quantities of pouches. Another  good technique is to go for flexo printing. Many brands are using latest high definition flexo printing ways to reflect a strong branding image. A high grade flexo painting renders sharper and real images. Also, using flexo printing is way easier and less expensive compared to rotogravure methods. Hence, it attracts many startup ventures.


These were the top few factors which are increasing the demand of pouches in the market. A good pouch techniques and methods give an edge to brands. There are various pouch manufactures which provide customized high quality pouches for your industry.

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