Why Co-working Spaces are better than Accelerators and Incubators for Some People?

Accelerators and incubators are a great deal for startups who are looking for idea generation, but when it comes to collaborating with other individuals, it seriously lacks behind. It is agreed and tested that all three of these excel in something when compared to the other two and all three of these offer something different which others cannot offer like it is very difficult for an individual to find the right balance between competitive edge and collaboration in any of these workspaces.

Accelerators and incubators are a good choice for someone that is looking for an always ready team of professionals to help them get past an obstacle that they may have encountered. This is because an accelerator or an incubator have a build-in-counsel and various kinds of workshops which offer great benefits. The problem occurs when there is a lack of productivity because of a built-in-counsel. I have seen this situation happening in many incubation chambers where individuals take advantage of the facilities provided to them and the helpers end up doing more work than the person who was supposed to do the project itself.


In co-working spaces, the scene is little different. First of all, there is no built-in-counsel to help you all the time, but the good part is you can create a team of your own if you find some hard working individuals in your shared office spaces. It gets even better, you cannot exploit them because they are not working for you, and so if you take their help, you would have to offer something to them too.

Another thing in which co-working spaces excels is facilities and technology. You would get the best of the tech as long as you have paid for the services. When you pay for any kind of service you know the value so you even respect them more. Let’s see what kind of facilities we are talking about here. A co-working space provides delicious food, high-speed internet, and conference rooms with high tech projectors, and game/chill zones. An accelerator and incubator also can have all of the mentioned facilities but generally, there is not much option to choose from.


A co-working space is a mixed bag of candies. What I mean by this, in a co-working spaces there are different types of companies which deal in different fields, although that is not the case always and you can find co-working spaces that cater to a particular field or industry, this will be helpful for you, as you will get to learn new things from someone who may be senior in the same field of occupation. Now getting back to my initial point, there are different companies in some co-working spaces. The prime reason, in this case, is that these people have joined these spaces because they want to save on the expensive offices that they would have to rent if there were not any co-working spaces and also to be more productive and professional. Although you have no business with these people but the bond formed with them is something you will cherish forever.


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