What Makes You a Perfect Consultant?


The aim behind hiring a lean consultant by the company is to get some value addition experience from company experts. It would be not enough just if a group of consultants drop in your organization, asses it and give you suggestions. Most of the time their ideas are not going to work.

Then the question arises, how should one faith on a lean consultant to their company fortunes? Almost every consulting agent has good grades from the top school and much experience.

There are numerous other qualities, which defines the consultant performance. This article would give you better idea to asses a consultant.

  • Collect information

The first and the most important thing which should be focused by every consultant are to know the current scenario. Consulting team should meet with the authority of the company to know all fine details necessary for implementing lean. Although, all consultants have their own approach but a good consultant initially gather information from every section of employees and workers. Further they discuss their working metrics to get some related suggestions.

  • Consistency

Once consultant is done with information collection, the process begins. There are multiple stages of implementation and all are targeted for a fixed time. The important thing is that target should be completed within given deadline. This is the best way how one can earn the trust of company owner. Motivate the team to do task error free and complete it within time.


  • Take everyone in to confidence

Lean manufacturing can never be achieved by a one man army.
It is a team work and need support at every level. A consultant should be in constant touch with the authority and report the progress every task. It is better to ask them for their full support in the first visit only. The consultant should also guide the support team and train them personally how to work, so the chances of error decrease.

  • Be open and humble

A lean consultant is someone who has achieved a lot in their life. They are highly qualified, skilled and experienced but a good consultant would never be prestigious. Rather, he should be down to earth and the first person to ‘go to’. In an industry workers and employees fear to communicate with authorities regarding their problem. A lean consultant should become a bridge between them. He should address every complaint as well as suggestion given to him.

  • Think out of box

When a consultant work in different industries and companies, it is obvious that he would know all the possible challenges which could come across. But, what if he is asked to solve a problem which is new to and never heard in industry before? This is the real test for the consultant. The first thing he should do is to look for internal resources.

Visit company authority, experts and ask them for the solution. By this he may collect some clues to get better solution.

Above are the top 5 features which a lean consultant should have. Of course there are lot more things but this would be enough to solve all the major problems while implementing lean manufacturing.

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