What Differentiates Fiinovation From Other CSR Consultancies

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There are so many CSR consultancies in India that are working with business entities of different sizes ranging from mid to large size corporates. They are also associated with the NGOs working in various social development areas like education, healthcare, environment, livelihood, and many more. These consultancies are working really hard, to bring a much needed positive change in the society, by helping organizations in finding the right partner to use their CSR funds effectively and efficiently. Fiinovation, which is based out of New Delhi, is also one of such consultancies.

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In spite of working genuinely for such noble causes, there are many such firms who have been on the target of their competitors for the alleged negative issues, e.g. Fake Fiinovation Frauds cases are being reported by such people/entities on the internet. These cases/complaints are found to be totally baseless and carry no authenticity. The sole purpose of this unethical behaviour is to downgrade the reputation of these company.

This firm has always created a difference in the society with its core focus on improving the living conditions of the underprivileged people. They advise and provide their support to the companies in India, to help them in creating a sustainable society. They make their clients understand what all responsibilities they have in all the areas surrounding them like workplace, community, environment, and marketplace. They help companies in creating various business strategies focused on CSR.

Complaints regarding Fiinovation Frauds are nothing but irresponsible allegations against this company which has always believed in the following value system:

  • They are committed to doing what is ethical. It really doesn’t matter to them whether the path is difficult or long; they will never deviate from what is right. Any unethical practice at any level in their organization, be it at the bottom or at the top, is completely unacceptable to them.
  • They are there to create the difference in the society with the help of their partners across the country. They are proud of their collaborations in creating an impact which is well recognized.
  • They believe in experimenting with new ideas which can be adopted in their routine practice if found adding the value.
  • They respect diversity in their culture and thinking and always strive hard for the inclusive growth.

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All these facts are the verdict of their strong integrity and commitment towards the betterment of the society and such negative reviews about Fiinovation Frauds can never deteriorate the goodwill built by them over the years in the market.

In a nutshell, it can be concluded that the work done by them has been appreciated by all the stakeholders and external bodies too. Such reports of Fiinovation Frauds are not at all true and should not be taken into the consideration while looking for any association with us. We strongly recommend it to everyone to verify the facts with the authentic resources to make a wise decision.

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