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Mumbai has a lot of places to visit and one of the major attractions of this city is definitely the beautiful Marine Drive. The long stretch beside the Arabian Sea where one can stroll and sit and enjoy the evening or a lovely afternoon counting the endless waves which hits the shores and go back to the sea horizon. Well, when you are not missing visiting the beautiful place called marine Drive; you should also not miss visiting the oldest aquarium of India which is located here and is named as Taraporewala Aquarium.

Taraporewala Aquarium

This aquarium was built and opened in the year 1951 and it contains mainly fresh water fishes and marine fishes. It is said that this aquarium contains more than 400 species of fishes. Though this place was opened long back it was closed for renovation few years back and again it was re-opened in the year 2015. After the renovation was been done, this aquarium now has a 12 feet long glass tunnel made of acrylic and it is 180 degree. Then there is also a pool which is full of harmless and small or medium sized fishes which the children and touch and enjoy them. The fishes are mainly kept in huge glass tanks and there are LED lights so that one can see them clearly from outside the glass.

One can find more than 400 species of fishes which amounts to more than 2000 fishes and the renovation which was done to this aquarium led to a cost of Rs22 crores. Here one can find 70 different species of marine fishes among which the most popular varieties are Arowana, Helicopter, Blue spotted sting ray, Azure Damsel, Purple Firefish, Cloudy Damsel, Schooling bannerfish, White tail Trigger, Copperband Butterfly fish, Blue Ribbon eel, Clown Triggerfish and many more. Among fresh water fishes the popular ones found here are Electric Blue Jack Dempsey, Red Devil, Jaguar, Frontosa, Cat fish, and others. This aquarium also has water creatures like sea turtles, sharks, moray eels, small star fish, and sting rays.

Taraporewala Aquarium

The Taraporewala Aquarium is maintained by the Department of Fisheries and inside this place one can find sixteen sea water tanks and nine sweet water tanks. Then there are 32 tropical tanks which have 54 different kinds of fishes in it. There is a tropical section in this aquarium and it has a special moss aquarium for the pregnant fishes. Then there is a plantation aquarium which has different varieties of aquatics plants and species of water lilies.

The aquarium gets open for its visitors from 10 AM in the morning and closes at 1 PM in the noon for an hour if lunch break. Then it again re-opens at 2 in the afternoon and remains open till 5 PM in the evening. It is closed on Mondays and there are tickets where one has to pay Rs60 for the adults and Rs30 for the kids who are below 12 years. If one wants to take camera inside, then they have to pay additional charges. Inside this place, there is an amphitheatre which has 50 seats and one can see documentaries on fishes here. Then there is also a facility of fish spa were one can dip their feet in the tanks of the doctor fish who will take all the dead skins of your feet away by nibbling them.

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