Upgrade Your Interview with Excel Assessment

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In today’s time, recruitment team does not compromise when it comes of choosing a right candidate. No matter for which position does a candidate apply for, it is important that the person needs to have basic knowledge of computer. If finances are involved, then to be good in excel is a must. Talking of which Microsoft excel has already set a good industry standard as it allows us to manage all sorts of information such as statics, financial and engineering data. However, those who are not upgraded with such knowledge about excel needs to learn about it for their better future and career growth. Now days, at the time of hiring, employers look forward to assessing the knowledge of the candidates with regards to such important subject.

Know more about online assessment:

As a matter of fact, we all know that interview is conducted by the employer to understand whether the candidate has good knowledge about the particular subject or not. However, now there are many changes that have taken place. Employers have upgraded their recruitment process by including online assessment as a part of selection. For companies that are more into account and finances also prefer to make excel assessment test that is designed specially keeping the changing needs of the industries in mind. It allows the employers to understand the expertise of a candidate with regards o macros, formulas and applications o name a few.

What is assessed through such test?

With excel assessment, it becomes easy to understand if the candidate has a good knowledge about data manipulation, formatting, charts, tables, and pivot to name a few. Excel makes most commonly used formulas a lot simple. It also helps in creating a professional presentation about different statistics operations which a candidate as a part of the company needs to be aware about. Furthermore, such test are done for those candidates who apply for the position of MIS, sales, business, and financial analysts.

There are experts who hold a good knowledge about the same and can create a good assessment test for your company as per your needs.  Generally, the test includes a set of 30-40 questions that needs to be solved in at least 30-45 minutes. You can speak with your expert and also put further inputs with regards to such assessment to know how far a candidate can go to offer you good results. There are different levels of excel tests that are designed which vary from being basic to the advanced ones.

Remember, Microsoft excel skills assessment is not a multiple choice excel test. It is quite an interactive procedure in which the user needs to perform the allocated task by using the formulas and excel shortcuts and toolbars that are applicable. Such test is currently available in 2016 and 2013 format. Keeping the changing demands of the customers and increase in competition in mind, it has become quite important for the companies to upgrade their interview and set a good standard when it comes of choosing the talented yet valuable candidates.

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