The new Location of Fngerprint Scanner in the Next Samsung Galaxy S9

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In the recent Samsung Galaxy S8, the Samsung claimed in its day that the location of the fingerprint reader did on the right side of the camera and not in the back like other mobiles, such as the LG G6, it was because they did not want to put that fingerprint reader near the battery. Simply, one should not confuse the fingerprint reader with the camera button. On the other hand, it is a complex and effective security system, in which only the owner can access the information and services offered by the S8. And, this is the only thing we expect that Samsung should clear about the next Samsung Galaxy S9.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has risen just 0.7 inches in front of its predecessor S7, but has a proper, less pronounced curvature, allowing the screen to display the content so that you can immerse in it. The screen has 5.8 inches Ghz. and a resolution of 2,960 x 1,440 pixels. That is, in the palm of your hand you can perfectly manage the mobile and enjoy a large screen, without frames or limits, which enlarge the visibility of content. Without doubt, the screen is the one that provides a beautiful design to the S8. And, we are in dilemma that what Samsung will be improving in the screen of Samsung Galaxy S9.

For the S8, it could be said, “the simplicity of its back is evident to the naked eye.” The rear and front cameras of Samsung Galaxy S8 are designed to be perfect whether day or night. Even if they are done at night or in low light, they are amazing. Activating selfie mode in the front camera, the Smart Auto Focus allows you to recognize faces, even if selfie stick is used. So, you can expect that Samsung has developed the serious featured for the Samsung Galaxy S9. This will make everyone come out clear and clear.

In the S8, the front camera features: 8MP, F1.7 Smart Auto Focus AF lenses. With the rear camera, you can make incredible photos at night or in low light with the device, thanks to its Dual Sensor Pixel 12MP, F1.7 and 4k video lenses. In addition, you can use the Dual Pixel camera take sharper pictures, even if they are moving, or eliminate red-eye. You will be able to process the images at your whim. If you select Pro Mode, you can adjust ISO, shooting speed, exposure, color, natural focus or white balance. In Selective Focus Mode you will be able to capture the depth after taking the photo, being able to choose the planes that you prefer. And with the Meal Mode, you can make the food photographed acquire more protagonist and visibility. And with small improvements the next Samsung Galaxy S9 will be Galaxy ahead to other phones of Android and iOS world.


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