The Indigenous Flora and Fauna of Ladakh

Ladakh, the captivating beauty

Ladakh is the charming land of picturesque beauty and captivating flora and fauna. The city was explored by a famous Chinese traveler who wandered to this land in 399 AD and described Ladakh as ‘the land where snow never melts and only corn ripens’.  It is hemmed in by two of the world’s most fascinating mountain ranges, the great Himalayas and the Karakoram. The surreal beauty of the place attracts lakhs of tourists every year. The beguiling city is further endowed with charismatic geographical features and inhabited by people of Indo-Aryan and Tibetan descent.

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The unparalleled beauty, Ladakh gives you goosebumps by its splendor on each turn. The Magnetic Hill, Patharsaab Gurudwara, Nanak Hill and the ‘Sangam’ between the Indus and the Zanskar River are must-visits in the city. Various Monasteries like Hemis Gompa, Thiksey Monastery, etc. are the jewel to the city’s crown. The spiritual and cultural extravagance of the city is well festooned in these monasteries. Ladakh is one place that every wanderlust wants to pay a visit to but somehow find it difficult to book Ladakh Tour Packages at low costs. This problem is now solved with due support from online sites like

Flora of Ladakh:

Ladakh is home to a very few species of flowers, trees and other plants owing to its high-altitude and dropping temperatures. The type of flora found in the cold desert or the land of high passes is of Oriental and Palearctic type. ‘Ladakh has about 1,100 medicinal plants out of which 525 are of medicinal value’, said Dr. Padma Gurmet, Scientist NRIS. It’s is a rather shocking fact since Ladakh is a cold desert. One can visually treat the eyes along the riverbanks where they can spot the greenish patch of land and it is only near the snow-lines that one can spot wild roses, willow groves and some herbs. However, apart from this, due to the rapid decrease in temperature, the vegetation becomes stunted and sparse.

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 Fauna of Ladakh:

Ladakh is the best place for the Wildlife enthusiasts since they have the mesmeric opportunity to spot the animals like ibex, marmots and wild ass to double humped camels, yaks and mountain goats (including pashmina). Also, a variety of migratory bird species can be spotted here. The cats found in the region include the snow leopard and two separate types of cat known as the lynx and Pallas’ cat.

The Yaks in Ladakh have long black fur and curved horns. They usually weigh a ton and spend their winters in the lower valleys in herds and move upwards in summers. Bharals are the most common species of sheep found in Ladakh and reside at an altitude of 6,000 m. They look like both sheeps and goats and can be seen grazing in Alpine meadows in herds, mainly in the summers. Nyan is another magnificent sheep in the world and is also known as Great Tibetan sheep. They hardly slope down to altitudes lower than 4,500 m and are only 200 in number and are mostly inherent to eastern Ladakh.


Apart from these mentioned, the Tibetan antelope or chiru, locally known as Stos, is also found in Ladakh. The Stos produces exceptional quality wool which is used for making shawls known as toosh locally.

Ladakh is held with bountiful Fauna or wildlife and is significantly travelled by wildlife photographers to capture the ingenuity of the place and its wildlife.

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