Secrets to the Most Cherished Wedding Album

Congratulations! So you have the date set; now all you have to do is set the venue, design your dress, decide on the caterers, get the guest list ready, plan the budgeting, call the photographer and other things. Easier said than done, isn’t it? When it comes to a wedding, you have so much to do and plan. It is a joyous occasion. Not only are two individuals coming together; it is the union of two families. But, planning for that D-day can make even the most organized person go mad. Well, to make your job a little easy, here in this article, we have given you some simple secrets which would help you in choosing the right photographer. So at least that part of your job would be easy –

Searching for the right photographerThe most obvious thing is the search for the right wedding photographer. Frankly, this is no secret. For this you could start asking around – friends, couples who got recently married, even bridal salons. You would find reputed studios online too. Go through their comments, reviews, and their portfolio. Make out a list of potential photographers and talk to them personally.

Style of photography

The next thing that you need to do is decide what kind of photography you’re looking for. Your wedding pictures need to bring out your personality, and you need to be comfortable. These days, there are so many kinds of photography styles. You have the traditional or the posed kind, the reportage kind, the vintage kind and the lifestyle kind of photography. You need to see what suits you and what style would you like to be seen in. So here’s where you need to do a little research. Look at the photographer’s portfolio. Do not just look at his best or just a couple of snaps from each wedding. Go into the details and discuss it with him.


The photographer as a person –

The most important tip that no one tells you about is – the nature of the photographer. Think about it! As a couple, you both would be spending a lot of time with the photographer. He needs to be cordial, and he should know when to be a part of the family and when not to interrupt. Candid wedding photographers can do a great job only if they are patient and good-natured. He should keep an eye on all the proceedings and capture those right moments. Candid photography is all about smiles, happy tears, twinkles in the eye and the dad’s proud grin. A posed picture cannot bring in all that.

So the best-kept secret that we can tell you – go with your gut. Sit down and talk to candid wedding photographers. Discuss what kind of styles you are looking for; what kind of photography and suggestions can they give you and so on. A photographer will be a part of the most important day of your life. So you need to be comfortable and need to be able to trust that he will do a great job.

After all, it is your wedding album! When you sit down and open it up, it should bring a smile on your face and not regret. So choose your wedding photographer wisely and let him help you cherish your memories.

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