QuickBooks Mac vs. Windows: Which one is better?

Many working professionals who rely on their desktop or laptop, often choose to go with mac rather windows. Although a mac is great for creating a smooth working flow but there are many downsides too if you have a mac, that point aside. If your business has heavy QuickBooks use then you may want to make your purchase decision between windows and mac based on which platform provides more features and flexibility.

If you are planning to buy a mac and if this is your first time using a mac, then be assured that you have to get used to the controls and shortcuts, because windows have different controls and shortcuts for different purposes. A Mac OS’s app has the different user interface for every app because the application is integrated with OS platform only, so the interface elements have to be familiar with the Mac’s user interface.


Here are some points which you should keep in mind.

  • If your company has anywhere around 1 to 10 employees, then the QuickBooks for mac 2017 would be a good option for you.
  • If your company needs an advanced inventory feature, then QuickBooks for mac is not for you.

Now let’s talk about the difference between QuickBooks for mac and QuickBooks for windows-

Company file conversion- If you are using QuickBooks for windows, you are not going to find all the features in the Mac version. Some of the features include data entry features and data conversion features which are not present on the QuickBooks for Mac. Another downfall in the Mac version is, that if you have imported an excel file in your mac version then there is a chance that not all the data will be imported as it is in your QuickBooks software. The 2017 version of QuickBooks have improved a lot of things but still, there are features which are still missing.


Now let’s have a look at some of the features-

Accountant’s Copy- In mac, you cannot edit in the accountant’s copy. You can create a copy but you will no longer will able to continue work on it.

Payroll online- Online payroll system is little costly in the Mac, as it is not a part of the QuickBooks software in the mac and you have to but QuickBooks payroll to use this feature.

3rd party app integration- There are the limited option available when it comes to 3rd party apps. In windows, you have so many 3rd party application which support your QuickBooks version and provide a good functionality, but that is not the case with Mac.

Also, there is no multi-currency option for the QuickBooks for Mac.

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