QuickBooks Hosting vs QuickBooks Online: A Detailed Comparison

Numerous articles have been already written QuickBooks Desktop Hosting vs QuickBooks Online. And, you may be amazed by seeing this comparison once again.

Well, with rapid developments and transformation in QuickBooks and the cloud technology in recent days, it, however, becomes important to look back and once again have a detailed analysis of the key differences between QuickBooks Hosting and QuickBooks Online.

For a small business owner who has just started his business and is in search of the suitable accounting software, it is quintessential to have proper the understanding of differences between QuickBooks Hosting and QuickBooks Online.



QuickBooks Hosting QuickBooks Online

Anywhere, anytime accessibility

Yes Yes

Cross-device accessibility

Yes Yes
Plan Charges Scalable and flexible charges by the hosting provider

Fixed charges by Intuit

Better inventory center and lead

Yes No
Processing speed Faster (depends on the server quality)

Slower than the hosted QuickBooks Desktop

Additional application integration and hosting

Yes No
Support 24/7 support by the service provider

Monday to Friday, 6:00 am to 6:00 pm (EST)

Data Backup Data is securely saved on the multiple servers where you host QuickBooks

Data is saved on Intuit’s own server, and many a time you may not able to access it during server maintenance

IT Downtime

99.995 guaranteed uptime More downtime trouble compared to QuickBooks hosting
Custom backup and BCDR Yes


Track international sales and expenses in multiple currencies Yes


Inventory tracking and management Included in basic plan

Not included in basic plan

Generating and sending purchase orders

Included in basic plan

Not included in basic plan

User control on accessibility Yes


Numbers of users who can control QuickBooks simultaneously

Unlimited user access (depending on number of licenses) 1 user access on the basic plan and up to 5 user access on higher plans
Payroll function Available only through add-on

Included in the basic plan

Take Your Business to the Next Level with QuickBooks Hosting

After having the detailed comparison of QuickBooks Hosting and QuickBooks Online, you may now have clarity on which one is better for your business. QuickBooks Hosting is undoubtedly the best option to establish the modern accounting system. Let’s also look at a few other points in support of QuickBooks hosting.


Remote Accessibility

By getting QuickBooks Desktop hosted on the cloud server, you can access QuickBooks files from any remote location. You just need an internet connection to access QuickBooks.

Enhanced Data Security

You get optimal data security with QuickBooks hosting. There are very negligible chances of data loss, data damage or any other such unwanted adversities. A QuickBooks hosting provider stores QuickBooks files on the state-of-the-art data centers that are SSAE Certified and meets all the necessary data security compliances.

Easy to Scale

With QuickBooks Hosting, you always have an option to scale up or down the different resources as per your business needs.

Zero IT Downtime

QuickBooks Hosting guarantees 99.995 percent uptime, which means that you will always have smooth and hassle-free access to QuickBooks.

Round-the-clock Support

If there occurs any network errors or any other issues while accessing QuickBooks then, a QuickBooks hosting provider is available 24/7 to assist and help you.

What’s Next?

We hope that by now you have an understanding of a gamut of advantages of QuickBooks hosting. The overall QuickBooks performance, however, depends also on the service quality of a QuickBooks hosting provider.

Techarex Networks is the most reliable and experience QuickBooks hosting provider based out of the United States. We have been continuously engaged in helping SMBs and CPAs with our unmatched quality of QuickBooks hosting and consultation.

If you want to learn more about QuickBooks hosting services of Techarex Networks, feel free to contact us right now.





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