Prominent Folk Dances in Kashmir

Dance is the melody of the body. The body expresses its emotions and feelings through the mystical forms of dance. Kashmir, the magical and serene land of picturesque ice-caped mountains, beautiful valleys and lush greenery is home to several forms of folk dances that recapitulate the sorcerous cultural diversity of the state.


Dance is the hidden language of the soul and the body. The Kashmiri folklores comprise of a unique dance form for every celebration along with the soft and light music. The lifestyles of kashmiris is very subtle and quiet but, at times of festivals, the entire populace of the area gathers at a place to celebrate the festivals with one another. It is widely seen that men and women of Kashmir do not perform together in their folk dances, due to the predominantly Muslim culture followed by them.

Folk dances like Kud, Hikkat, Chhakari, Ladishah, Phumania, Jagrana, Dogri, Dandaras etc. are extremely popular in Kashmir and widely practiced.

  • Rouf

Rouf is one of the most popular traditional dances of Kashmir. This envisaging dance form is typically performed in all the festive and other occasions, especially Id and Ramzan days. The songs played during the dance are usually in a question-answer format. It is performed by a group of women facing each other.



  • Bhand Pather

Bhands are typically the folk entertainers or dancers of Kashmir and Bhand Pather is a traditional folk theatre of Kashmir which is customarily performed in social and cultural ceremonies. It depicts social traditions and evils while bringing out the satire in them. It is a mighty amalgamation of dance and plays.

bhand panther


  • Hafiza Dance

Hafiza Dance is widely performed by kashmiris at weddings at home and when the wedding processions would be taken out on boats on the Jhelum River.


  • Bacha Nagma

Bacha Nagma is a typical folk dance of Kashmir that is performed by the young boys predominantly during the harvest season. In it, the some boys dress up as girls.

bacha dance

  • Wuegi-Nachun

Wuegi-nachun is type of folk dance which is performed after the marriage ceremony, when the bride has left for her new home. In this dance, Kashmiri pundit women dance around the bridal rangoli.



  • Dumhal Dance

The Dumhal dance is performed only by the men of the Wattal tribe in Kashmir to pay tribute to invoke the Gods and is presented at the time of a pilgrimage to the Ziarat shrine. The men’s attire comprises of long colorful robes, with tall conical caps, adorned with beads and shells.


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