Places to visit in and around Mussoorie

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Mussoorie which is situated almost thirty-five kilometres away from Dehradun is snuggled in the slopes of the Himalayan Range. It has been very famous since the times of colonialism in India. This hill station is undoubtedly a very visited and cherished place. The entire hill station is packed with gorgeous sites, beautiful landscapes and thrilling spots.

If you have never been to this place, you must book your rooms in hotels in Mussoorie and carry out a trip to this enthralling hill station right away. For now, let us peep into some of the exciting spots of this station.

Kempty Falls:

Kempty Falls is enclosed by regal mountain ranges and is one of the most visited tourist fascination in Mussoorie. It is mapped at 1,364 m and permits the tourists to taste the splendid views of the hill station and the phenomenal natural grandeurs all around. Here you can listen to the melodious sound of waterfall and once you are there, you will definitely find your jaws dropped. After all, the spot is endowed with so much charm and glory. Here you can splash in the refreshing water and can carry out a memorable picnic with your dear ones.

Bhatta Falls:

Bhatta Falls is situated seven kilometres away from Mussoorie hill station. It is a picturesque space, distant from the sufferings of commercialization. At present time, the spot has turned into a wonderful picnic spot wherein the local people and tourists love to spend a quality time. It won’t be wrong to say that it is an ideal backdrop for the shutterbugs. So, in case you love traveling and have a special corner for photography in your heart, you must visit this spot. After all, it is packed with a lot of thrill, fun and rejuvenation. So, whether you want to take bath in a freshwater pond, relish a picnic or enjoy a beautiful photo session, this is the place.

Jharipani Falls:

In case you carry a lot of love for nature then you should visit this very popular Jharipani Falls. It is situated very near to Mussoorie. Especially the trekkers adore the area around these waterfalls as the backdrop is astonishing. The sites of these places are wort grabbing and you can spend plenty of quality and tranquil time here. A stroke of the cool breezes will wipe away all your tensions and take you to another world of calmness and peace. So, whether you are a trekking enthusiast or a nature lover, these water falls will make your day.

The bottom line is that these spots are just a demo; there are plenty of other places too for making your day. After all, these spots have everything to cater. Perhaps, this is the reason that the entire area is packed with tourists and visitors throughout the year. So, if you are planning to visit Mussoorie, you need not to worry about your stayover because you can easily get reasonable, comfortable and cosy Mussoorie hotels. So, suffice your traveling buff with an exciting, thrilling and rejuvenating trip.

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