Let’s Know More About MRI Scan Tests

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MRI Scan is one of the very important imaging tests which is used for detecting different body ailments. Generally, if your doctor notices some changes in your body parts or if you are undergoing any health-related problem or during accidents or injuries, this scan test is recommended. But before undergoing this test, one must learn a few things about the MRI Scan, so that you can prepare yourself accordingly.

Facts about MRI Scan

Here are some of the facts which you should know about MRI Scan before undergoing it.

  • MRI Scans are loud – If you get scared or disturb with loud noises, then you must know that during the MRI Scan, you will get to hear such sounds. So, prepare yourself in advance for that. You may also ask the technician or doctor for something to put in ears, be it an earplug if possible so that you can comfortably get the test done.
  • Feeling Anxiety – People who are claustrophobic may have difficulty in undergoing this test. So, it is natural to feel anxious during the test. You can let the doctor or technician know if you feel very much anxious or uncomfortable during the test. To prepare yourself from not getting anxious, you can also try closing your eyes. And think of some other moments, so that your mind gets diverted during the test. And you can easily undergo the test. In many cases, where patients feel very anxious and uneasy, the doctor may provide anti-anxiety medications before MRI Tests.
  • Feeling Warm – If during the MRI Test you start feeling warm, do not get worried. As it is natural to feel warm during the tests because your body temperature may go up to one or two degrees during the test. You can check with your doctor about this.
  • No Movements – Getting MRI Scan Test done is not that easy. As there are certain precautions you will have to take while undergoing the test. And one of those precautions is no movement. Yes, you heard it right nobody movements are allowed during the MRI Scan test. Else it will become a problem in getting clear images from the test. Because of which the doctors will not be able to detect the problem. And in some cases, the doctor may ask you to undergo the MRI Scan again so that they can get clear images of the affected area.
  • Do not get confused with MRI Scan for CT Scan – Many people feel that the two MRI Scan and CT Scan are similar. But it is not true, as the two differ from each other a lot. Both of them are the imaging tests only, but the techniques used in both are different. MRI Scan uses magnetic waves or radiations to get the test done. Whereas in CT Scan the X-Rays are used for getting the test done. However, both are helpful and useful in detecting the problems related to internal body organs. But when doing the comparison between the two, there are many differences. To go for the test, we refer you to the best MRI Scan Centre in Hyderabad.
  • Stop worrying about radiations – MRI Scan test do use magnetic radiations, but they are not going to harm you. They are not that radiations which can cause any problems in your body parts. And that is the reason why it is safe to get the MRI Test done.
  • It does take time – MRI Scan tests are not like the X-Rays which can be done in just few minutes. MRI Scan tests take time. The time may go up to three to 4 hours also. It depends on the number of body parts that need to get scanned. Also, it depends on the body part or the problem for which the test is going on. So, do not get worried if it takes time. You can ask your doctor about it that how much time exactly your MRI Scan test will take.
  • If you have tattoos, let your doctor know – The dyes used in the tattoo may get affected by the radiation. No matter whether they are covered or not, the radiations will still affect it. It can cause irritation or burning sensation in the skin. So, it is advisable that let the doctor or the technician know in advance about any hidden tattoos also no matter where they are in your body.
  • No Jewelry – Wearing jewelry during the MRI Scan test can be dangerous for you. It may harm you or injure you, as in MRI Scan test magnetic radiations are used. And these magnetic radiations may pull such metallic objects towards them, so that can be very dangerous. Do not wear a single jewelry on your body. It is better to come for the test without wearing any jewelry from home only. No metallic object should be on your body during the test. Even if you have anything medical instrument implanted in your body, do let the doctor know about that also.
  • No Makeup – There are two reasons why one should go for a test without makeup. The first reason is that many times, the cosmetics do have some kind of metals in them which are very tiny and are not visible to us. So, just like we said above, they can attract the magnetic radiations no matter how small or tiny they are. Because the magnetic radiations will be very strong. The second reason for not to wear makeup is that different chemicals are used in makeup. When they come in contact with the radiation, they may cause skin burn or inflammation in the skin. So, it is best not to wear makeup to avoid such situations. In case, you have any doubt, go for the MRI in Hyderabad, as they have the best doctors who will help you in clearing your doubts.
  • No deodorants or Antiperspirants – Just like the cosmetics, these body deodorants and antiperspirants also contain chemicals in them. And it doesn’t matter whether you have used them under your armpit or neck or any body part. During the MRI Scan Test, magnetic radiations are used, and it will affect your skin when getting in contact with any chemical.

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