How About Using Woven Labels

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To become an identified part of the market, branding is very important. Basically, branding is nothing but getting a recognized name or logo among consumers, known for the quality and services. Earlier, the instincts of the product i.e. its quality, fitness, durability used to play an integral part for drawing the consumers but the aura has completely changed now. It’s the time when brand of the product matters more than anything else. Any established and well-known brand is the first preference of the consumers rather trying anything new. The question arises that how one can do effective advertising of their brand?

In garment industry, clothing labels are the most convenient form of advertising. They give absolutely marvelous chance to connect to the consumers easily and so with less investment. Also, there are lots of opportunities for manufacturer to choose the most suitable type of label for their product including woven label, printed label, embroidered label and leather labels.

Out of all the labels, woven labels give most ethnic and professional look to the garments. They are widely used in apparel and are the first choice of all the top brands. Polyester or cotton threads are used to weave the text

Benefits of Woven labels

One can get numerous benefits of using woven labels in their garment. First of all they are very durable and last long. Polyester threads can withstand any wear and tear that’s why woven labels pose such strength. Also, they look absolutely fantastic and the colours, designs don’t get fade away easily. They are flexible and importantly they can be customized. One can get anything weave on their label according to their desire.


Types of woven labels

There are many types of qualities that can be weaved in looms. There is a set parameter to judge the quality of woven labels which is its density. It can be defined as number of yarn passes per, and denoted by den. Here are different fabric options.

Damask- Most widely used fabric for woven labels are Damask. Its quality is considered to be good and the density is 56. This fabric gives a smooth perfect finish and high quality to the labels.

Taffeta- This is a low quality fabric which measures around 28 den, which is actually the half of damask. Mostly, this is used for manufacturing care and size labels.

Semi Damask- one can say this fabric is the mixture of above two. Certainly, the quality is not so low but seems bit thinner than damask.

High Definition- the name suggests that the fabric is of supreme quality. The density is around 80, which looks quite sharp and clear. This fabric is too costly and only few brands use it for special clothes.

Satin- Not very much preferable for woven labels but these labels gives shiny finish.

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