Does Menopause cause Tingling Extremities too?

While the term tingling sensations may not sound serious (and it isn’t), it can be pretty daunting when it happens after every 10 minutes. Menopause has a lot of symptoms, and tingling sensations are one of them. Back in the 1990s these tingling sensation which women experienced used to be so extreme in some cases that they referred to it as tingling extremities, as they are not like normal tingling sensations. It’s like the feeling of a thousand pins and needles pinching at a particular part of your body.

Causes of the Tingling Extremities.

The scientific term for Tingling extremities is Paresthesia, which can happen to anybody. If you experience it once in a while, then it has no underlying condition, but if you experience it way too often, the condition may be caused due to some nerve disorder. The problem in the nerve can cause for a limb to fall numb; it happens due to the lack of the blood flow to that particular limb. When you start feeling the tingling extremities that means that the blood flow has started to flow through that limb.


How menopause cause Tingling Extremities?

While a woman is going through their menopausal phase, their hormone production decreases drastically, almost to the point of zero production. Some of the important hormones like estrogen and testosterone have a major role in daily bodily functions. The estrogen also has an impact on the immune system as well as nervous system. When the estrogen levels in the body are really low, the nervous system starts behaving abnormally for a period, this cause tingling extremities as a side effect. The main area where it happens is legs, arms, hands, and feet.

Treatment of Tingling Extremities

The treatment solely depends on the level of discomfort you are feeling, including how often it happens, for how long it happens, and the level of pain you have to suffer.

In mild cases, the appropriate treatment would be to introduce some lifestyle changes and natural therapies.


Lifestyle changes will include diet as well as sleeping habits. Avoid sleeping position where there is a chance for tingling extremities. Sleeping on your back is the best position if you want to avoid tingling extremities episodes. Include things like turmeric, radishes, and salmon in your diet for healthy blood circulation. Drink Beet juice once in a while for healthy blood circulation. Also, practice yoga and meditation, it does help. More importantly, keep your body hydrated.

Minerals which are effective in tingling extremities- There are certain minerals which are extremely effective in tingling extremities, like Vitamin B12, vitamin E, B complex, and potassium. A combination of these vitamins and minerals can alleviate this menopause symptom.

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