Different Options for Party Return Gifts for Young Girls

Children’s birthday parties are super fun to organize but quite a task to manage because a lot of kids together under one roof can be quite chaotic! When you are planning out your daughter’s birthday party, you can create a whole theme for her birthdays such as princess birthday party, wizards birthday party or even vintage celebrity themed party! However, if you plan to throw an excellent birthday party for your daughter, it is essential to have the best birthday party return gifts for all the kids that attend the party. Here are a few different options for return gifts for young girls at your daughter’s birthday party -

Coloring books
Coloring books are loved by every kid especially young girls who want to play with colors! You could purchase different themed coloring books such as fairytales, cartoons, abstract artwork or even get Disney character themed coloring books such as Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Frozen etc. You can easily purchase these online from e-gifting websites, from your local bookstore or even from children’s gift items from Jaipur, Rajasthan stores in your vicinity.

DIY jewelry kits
Girls love jewelry no matter what age group they fall under. DIY jewelry kits are an excellent option which will boost the girl’s mental growth and creativity. The girls can create different types of jewelry based on their preferences and color combinations and wear their artwork proudly! This is a slightly expensive choice of gifts but if you shop for these in bulk from Kanha Jaipur stores, you can definitely bag a great discount!

Board games
There are so many different types of board games available in the market these days that it’s hard to even keep up! You can gift these girls different types of boards games such as Monopoly, Ludo and the classic Snakes and Ladders are just a few of the different board games available. There are a lot of stores that have such gift items Jaipur, Rajasthan for young girls to play with. Most of the gift stores offer a bulk discount when you purchase a lot of items in one go for an event.

Gardening kits
It is extremely important to teach the younger kids about gardening and how trees help the planet stay cleaner, healthier and greener. You need to start them young! Gardening kits for kids are an excellent way to introduce your kids to gardening. The kit usually has all the items needed for gardening right from the seeds, tools, hand gloves to the entire written manual on how to plant the seeds. These gardening kits could be a fun way for the parents to bond with their girls as well!

Kid’s makeup kits
There are a lot of kid’s makeup kits in the market that a lot of high-end brands invest to make. You can purchase these for the young girls at your party so that they can practice different types of makeup looks with their friends! Don’t worry too much because these products are extremely gentle on the soft and delicate young skin of these girls.

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