Decorate Your Wedding With Flowers In This Summer

Every time you pick a flower for occasion, they would serve exactly what you desire. Flowers are the gem of nature. They are absolutely the best communicator and you could easily express your feelings through them without uttering a single word.


There are numerous occasions in a year to celebrate but one which comes once in a lifetime is wedding. In between a thousand varieties of flowers and their various species, it is quite difficult to select perfectly suited flowers. All are beautiful, all are fragrant and all spread love and happiness.

This article would offer the overview of top 5 flowers for your perfect wedding decorations.

  • Rose

From Adam and Eve to Romeo and Juliet, every romantic saga has plentiful expression of love through this beautiful flower. Rose is considered to be the symbol of beauty and romance from ages. Poets and writers have used rose as metaphor of emotion, passion, intimacy and beauty which makes it as a perfect wedding flower. Roses come in several varieties of colours and sizes. It pairs well with all other flowers and helps create gorgeous centerpieces. Decorating roses festoon all around your wedding stage would be a masterstroke.

  • Hydrangea

This tiny beautiful flower is used mostly to fill the wedding bouquets. But the shades and styles of hydrangea, give us opportunity to use it in versatile forms. Decorate expensive centerpieces and vases with this flower to make it look more magical and sober or you can also create a flower fountain. Green and lush hydrangea could imitate a romantic and awe-inspiring fountain. Take your decoration a step up by adding floating candles and leaves to fountain.

  • Peony

Strong perfume and bright colours defines the beautiful flower peony. This flower symbolizes happiness and joy better than any other on planet. The soft and fluffy petals of peony could make eye-catching centerpieces. The arrangements done with delicious smell of peonies would mesmerize every guest in the wedding. Beside decoration, gorgeous bouquets of peonies as a welcome gift would win everybody heart.

  • Orchid

Mark of excellence and status is this unique flower orchid. This flower absolutely defines class and charm and using it as wedding staple could make you talk of town. They come in absolute rainbow of colours including green, white and purple. Orchids are frequently used as traditional wedding themes all over the world.

  • Daisy

Daisies are often seen as rustic and vintage choice wedding flower, available in various colours and varieties.  The flower is simple and sober which makes it as a delightful choice of wedding. They are the symbol of innocence and beauty and still are the first pick for bridal bouquets.


 Each and every flower has a Midas touch to turn occasion more happy and graceful. Flowers are always in demand in every season. With introduction of online floral portal, the hassle in shopping flowers has reduced. Earlier, it is easier to send flowers online to Delhi, Mumbai and other metro cities but now the reach has spread and one could buy flowers from anywhere and at anytime.

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