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Things to Do in Dharmashala and Leh Ladakh

Everyone arrange the trip during the vacation time. For this concern, the people can access the best package that offered by the travel agency. You can choose the right destination around the world. You can select the proper destination and book the package in advance. If you are wondering to search the best place, Leh ...

Exploring Bhopal: The City of Lakes

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The capital of Madhya Pradesh, the beautiful city of Bhopal is soaked in opulent history and a fascinating past. A definite heaven for historians, architects, art lovers, archaeologists, and well, of course, the travelers, this city has something for everyone. Flecked with religious shrines, amazing museums, monuments and various historical sites, Bhopal recites a number ...

Natural Ways to Recover from Cancer

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Cancer is caused by some sort of mutations in our body cells. After mutations, the cells do not work properly and form a tumour. The mutations are caused due to some chemical components or radiations which are called mutagens. UV ray is one example of radiation mutagen. The root of all disease is our lifestyle ...

Types of Coaches in the Indian Railway

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Ever since man invented the wheel, the desire to travel increased. The invention of the wheel led to a significant change in transportation. After the Industrial Revolution in 1857, Railways improved rapidly. A lot of tracks were built and people started relying heavily on trains. India alone has a massive 121,407 kilometres of tracks laid out ...

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