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Implants Burning a Hole in People’s Pockets!!

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Most of the procedures involved in dental treatment are very expensive. And the ordinary man may not be able to spare money from his regular commitments to pay for these. This is where dental insurance package steps in. It makes dental treatment reasonably priced to the masses. The need to have dental insurance is very vital. ...

Top 5 Open Source CMS

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First of all, let me start the things by braking ice that open source doesn’t mean free. So often, people consider it is free, yet majority of open source application are provided with very little cost or no cost but, it is not necessary that software should be free to consider as open source. Actually, open ...

Four Powerful Treatments in Ayurveda

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Ayurveda has for long been an effective form of alternate medicine, treating a multitude of health concerns using natural formulations.  Though not scientifically recognized or proven, several people have reportedly benefited from authentic Ayurveda treatments, which usually do not trigger any harmful side effects. While all Ayurveda treatments are powerful, rather quite effective some of ...

Kerala – Places of Pilgrim Interest

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Hinduism, Islam and Christianity are three major faiths that flourish in Kerala.  Followers of Jainism and Buddhism are but few here.  While Hindu temples abound in this region, there are quite a few Churches and Mosques that serve the religious needs of their respective communities. Again, given the multitude of Hindu Gods, the choice of religious ...

Why Select Shampoos Without Sulfate?

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There are present several hair care products in the market that claims to help people to grow strong, healthy and long hair and are free from chemicals. But the truth is that they do contain in them harmful chemicals that comes with negative effects for the scalp and the hair. Instead of helping the hair ...

School ERP Selection Guidelines

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Selecting the right ERP software is a challenging task, and School ERP is no exception. Given the effort involved in implementing an Educational ERP and the associated costs, the selection process must indeed be thorough to avoid any disappointments or unwarranted cost overheads at a later date.  While it is simply common sense to select ...

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